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innovative geophysics for large scale leak detection

For HDPE  tailings dams, clay-lined treatment lagoons, harvested brine ponds & everything in between.

Leak detection, seepage modelling, and high resolution bathymetry provides you with valuable and timely data for informed decision making, no matter what your facility.

Liquid Integrity Systems
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almost no interruption to site operations

Our unmanned surface vehicle (USV), colloquially known as the yellow boat, can be deployed in as little as 15cm of water, or in many metres of water. There is no need to drain lagoons for a survey. If or when a leak is detected, the water level only needs to be dropped to just below the level of the leak to carry out repairs. In many instances, we have detected leaks high on the side walls. If a leak is detected on the lagoon floor, only the precise location of the leak needs to be cleaned for repair, not the entire lagoon. Ultimately, an LIS survey has almost no interruption to site operations and, if a leak is detected, interruptions for repairs are kept to a minimum.


extreme accuracy
with high

Our techniques and software allow us to detect leaks down to 1mm in size. We don’t rely on the technician’s interpretation of leak signatures; our software will literally point them out. In addition, we use highly accurate GPS positioning which allows us to georeference each leak signature with an accuracy of approximately 1m. From there, we are able to characterise each leak signature by estimated size and estimated flowrate based on standardised models. This data is recorded in line with ASTM D8265.


detect leaks where others are ineffective

Aside from surveying in deep water, we can survey in any type of liquid including hyper-saline brine and acid, or in no liquid at all in dry ponds. When required, we apply specialised techniques to reduce the negative effects earthed infrastructure (grounded pumps, sumps, inlets etc.) can have on a ELD survey, allowing for improved leak sensitivity in areas that are typically problematic. We can also survey in lagoons with poor liner isolation, such as salt bridges between the process water and the subgrade.


incredibly fast with a tiny footprint

A usual LIS crew consists of 2 technicians and a van. Depending on the size of the lagoon, setup is usually completed within a couple of hours of arrival onsite with a survey speed of approximately 1ha p/hour.

We detect leaks in real-time, provide preliminary data within 24-48 hours of the survey, and a final report within 7-14 days.


real results from real ponds

Hyper-Saline Leak Detection


Waste Water Leak Detection

waste water

Tailings Leak Detection



about us

Liquid Integrity Systems is an Australian owned and operated company. Established in 2012, the organisation was built on the foundations of more than 20 years of electrical geophysics by sister company, Zonge Engineering Australia. Since the launch of Liquid Integrity Systems, we have successfully conducted many leak detection surveys across many different industries including mining, utilities, and food & beverage.

Simon Mann | Managing Director

Simon has an honours degree in geophysics as well as an environmental science degree with emphasis on hydrology. His main area of interest is the application of electrical geophysical methods to exploration and environmental problems. With several years experience as Managing Geophysicist with Zonge Engineering Australia he has developed experience in technical development, project design and planning as well as business and safety improvement strategies.

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Kelly Keates | Director

Kelly completed a BA at University of Adelaide and went on to work as an underground geological assistant at Olympic Dam for Western Mining. Kelly is also Managing Director for Zonge Engineering Australia who have provided electrical geophysical services within Australia and internationally for over 30 years. Kelly is a Corporate member of the ASEG, and ERBA. Kelly is also a member of EBA, ERBA and AICD as well as committee member of ILFGN and GGSSA.  In 2012 she was recipient of Industry Leaders Fund Grant for Leadership Best Practices Program at Harvard Business School and AICD scholarship award for Company Directors Course

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Teal Watkins | General Manager

Teal studied a Bachelor of Business at Flinders University, specialising in innovation and enterprise and is a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society. Teal is a business all-rounder and has several years management experience across multiple industries. He is well-versed in many fields including, logistics, risk, marketing, strategy, workplace health & safety, and human resources. His particular strengths lie in operations and project management.



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Liquid Integrity Systems

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